Andrew Miller was a Security crewman on the ISS Defiant, coming on board as a direct result of Empress Hoshi's overthrow of the Emperor Philip IV (In Between Days:Throwing Rocks at Looking Glass Houses).

Andrew Miller
Actor: Adrien Brody
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: 2132
Died: May 20, 2192
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Affiliation: Terran Empire, Imperial Starfleet
Title: Security
Stationed: Enterprise (NX-01)
Rank: Ensign


Early LifeEdit

Andy was born to a Jewish mother and a Presbyterian father, but neither faith was celebrated much in the Mirror universe, as to do so could invite unwelcome scrutiny (In Between Days:Bread).

He attended school with Lucy Stone (Throwing Rocks at Looking Glass Houses).


After Hoshi Sato obtained the Defiant and murdered Jonathan Archer, Andrew was brought on board as a part of the Emperor's personal guard attachment, along with Brian Delacroix (mirror) and José Torres (mirror), in 2155.

While Travis Mayweather (mirror) was still alive, Andrew generally spent his time guarding the agony booth (In Between Days:Temper).

Temporal dislocationsEdit

In 2161, the Empress had Chandler Masterson and Lucy Stone conduct a series of experiments using dark matter pulse shots, in an effort to move forward in time. The first of these shots had the effect of creating temporal incoherence, which was continued in 2166 and 2178 when more pulse shots were fired. This effectively created three new timelines (In Between Days:Temper).

In the December 2166 temporal alternative, Travis was killed on the surface of Lafa II. With Travis's death, the Empress turned to Andrew.

Personal LifeEdit

After Travis's death in 2161, Andrew was tapped to become the Empress's main lover. He was also made First officer and became the ship's Science officer.

In 2162, he met Melissa Madden, a new pilot. In 2166, she discovered she was pregnant by him. Andrew set aside a fund for their unborn son, and asked his friend, Joshua Rosen, to manage it on the child's behalf. This Rosen reluctantly agreed to. When Madden was killed in a Shuttlecraft crash on Vulcan in September of 2166, the fund was never tapped.

Andrew continued as Hoshi's main lover until 2192, when he killed himself by ingesting a tricoulamine capsule (In Between Days:Escape).

Memorable QuotesEdit

"All hail Empress Hoshi the First!"
— (In Between Days:Throwing Rocks at Looking Glass Houses)

External LinkEdit

Portrait of a Character - Andrew Miller


  • Images of actors are used to simulate the cast of the series. As a result Andrew Miller is portrayed by Adrien Brody.

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