For the character from In Between Days, see Andrew Miller (In Between Days).

Commander Andrew Miller is the first officer of the USS Valkyrie (NCC-2590). He was personally chosen by Captain Edward Stanfield as a result of his dedication to duty and how he handled several difficult assignments. (Star Trek: Valkyrie)

Early careerEdit

Miller graduated near the top of his class at Starfleet Academy. Later as an officer of the USS Akagi he saved the lives of his landing party by showing the inhabitants of an alien world that tricorders were not offensive weapons. (Star Trek: Valkyrie: "New Command")

On the ValkyrieEdit

On Stardate 9706 the Valkyrie made first contact with the Bajorans. Miller led a landing party which visited the surface of Bajor and met with government officials. Miller found the people friendly and their world spectacularly beautiful but the political situation and the involvement of the Cardassian Union in the affairs of Bajor cast a shadow over the visit. (Star Trek: Valkyrie: "Touch of the Prophets")

External linksEdit

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