For the mirror universe counterpart, see Andrew Miller (mirror).
For the character from Star Trek: Valkyrie, see Andrew Miller (Valkyrie).

Andrew Miller was a Science crewman on the Enterprise, coming on board just before the start of the Xindi conflict, often working in the Biology lab (In Between Days|The Light).


Early LifeEdit

Andy was born to a Jewish mother and a Presbyterian father, and grew up celebrating holidays from both faiths. When he was five years old, his parents stopped giving him gifts on all eight nights of Chanukah and, that Christmas, he learned there was no such thing as Santa Claus (In Between Days:The Light).

He attended school with Lucy Stone.


After the Xindi attack on Earth, Andrew was brought on board as a part of a generalized intention to combine non-combat roles so as to make room for a MACO unit. He worked in the Biology laboratory, often conducting experiments on alien fauna.

He generally spent his leisure time with the other Jewish crew members, Karin Bernstein, Joshua Rosen and Ethan Shapiro, and dated Karin briefly.

First temporal dislocation due to a Kovaalan particle wakeEdit

When the Enterprise was first sent back to 2037, Andrew found his role changing, as there would be less exploration in order to protect the timeline. He began working more closely with Botanist Shelby Pike in order to assist her in determining how to most efficiently grow a variety of food crops. This brought them closer, and they wed in 2038, in a Jewish ceremony, after Shelby converted (In Between Days:Entanglements).

Second temporal dislocation due to a Kovaalan particle wakeEdit

During the second temporal displacement, Andrew and Shelby got together a lot earlier, and married again (In Between Days:Everybody Knows This is Nowhere).

Personal LifeEdit

After dating Karin in 2156 and 2157 (In Between Days:Waiting), he eventually connected with former classmate Lucy Stone when she joined the Enterprise after the conclusion of the Earth-Romulan War. In 2165, while they were both serving on the USS Zefram Cochrane, she discovered she was pregnant. They wed, and their daughter, Vanessa was born, probably in early 2166.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"You know we'll stand with you, man."
— (In Between Days:The Light)

External linkEdit


  • Images of actors are used to simulate the cast of the series. As a result Andrew Miller is portrayed by Adrien Brody.

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