Andrew Macleod was the Marine commanding officer onboard the USS Repulse. (


Born in Scotland to Malcolm Macleod and Dr Sara Macleod, Andrew had a tough childhood as he was blamed not only by his older brother Jacob, but his father too, for the death of his mother, who sadly died during childbirth. As a result he grew up fast; his father was away on posting a lot of the time so he spent most of his younger years with his Uncle’s family. Even though his Uncle Dougal Macleod was a Marine like his father he had been injured some years earlier and was put in command of the Marine Intelligence Operations Centre Earth Edinburgh branch. Having no children of his own, Dougal became a father figure for the young Andrew.

Like the previous generations of his family Andrew joined the Starfleet Marine Corps as soon as he was old enough. It was in the Corps that he finally found the sense of family that had been denied to him when he was younger. He enjoyed sports and other forms of extra curricular activities, such as boxing, kendo and ninjitsu, even going on to win the inter-academy ninjitsu championships two times in a row, the instructors even got him to assist in some segments of the unarmed combat training sessions.

With graduation looming Andrew got some shocking news, his father had remarried on a faraway colony in a small private ceremony. Only close family was present, only the two black sheep of the family were not invited, Dougal Macleod and Andrew Macleod. So it was no great surprise that his father was late and only just saw his graduation, but did not stay.

As a Second lieutenant Andrew was posted to the Marine Detachment onboard the USS Arthur, a New Orleans-class frigate, serving onboard the Arthur for three years, the Marine Commander and the Ships CO, Captain Oliver, recommended that he be promoted, and so with the promotion to First lieutenant came the position of Marine XO onboard the USS Patton, an Akira-class vessel where he served for a further two years. Most of the work that the USS Patton did was classified.

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