Andrew Jacob "Corry" Corrigan was a human biomedical engineer stationed primarily on Earth in the 23rd century. (Arc of the Wolf)

Early LifeEdit

Corry was born on August 15, 2220, and raised in South Bristol, Maine, North America.  He led a relatively normal life.  His mother, Melinda Corrigan, was a stay-at-home parent and made her income by freelance writing, while his father, Aaron Corrigan, was a commander in the Starfleet Corps of Engineers.  His sister, Rachel Corrigan, is six years his junior.


After an uneventful if fulfilling childhood, Corry enlisted in Starfleet and attended Basic Training in the year 2238, from there gaining acceptance into Starfleet Academy's Engineering School, in Belfast, Ireland, Earth.  As a cadet, Corry was not particularly applied to his studies, despite his high intelligence, often preferring to do enough to get passing grades, but not much better.  This changed in 2242 when he took note of another cadet struggling with oration in the Basic Language class and decided to propose an arrangement wherein they tutored each other in their weaker subjects.  Thus was the unlikely beginning of a friendship between Andrew Corrigan and Montgomery Scott.

Given to being social, it didn't take terribly long for Corry to decide that not only was Scotty now his friend, but he would indeed be his roommate, and much to Scotty's continued exasperation, a metaphorical spanner in the works of the much more duty-and-work bound life Scotty had charted for himself.  Providing a natural, good-natured and exuberant foil to the more shy Scotty, they soon became near inseperable and spent their senior year keeping both high marks in their coursework, but likewise getting into the occasional spot of trouble in a manner only young human males can.

For the Historical Engineering and Design, the retiring commander Richard Barrett decided to give the cadets of the class a practical final rather than a written one, which in this case was to build a sailing vessel.  Corry was assigned team leader for Team C, which drew wood to work with, and decided that the team would build a schooner in the tradition of his home state of Maine.  After a good deal of consternation, Scotty headed up the design of what would eventually be the schooner Lady Grey.

However, before the project even fully got off the ground, Corry's father was victim of an accident whilst out on assignment, resulting in him contracting an unknown disease and leading to his prolonged care in ICU at Starfleet Medical HQ in Baltimore, Maryland.  Corry, who had never suffered a tragedy in his life, was at a loss and quickly fell into a cycle of obsession, researching well outside of his chosen field in an attempt to understand what was happening to his father.


"You phasered a lobster?!"

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