"Sial'alachua, Commander."
"I appreciate the gesture, but wrong greeting. Imperial Andorii isn't my first language—I'm from the Adris Islands, not Lor'Vela Oblast."
Captain Traes Merkell and Commander Tesjha Phohl (Bait and Switch: "Two Sides of a Coin, Part I")

The Andorian language was a family of extant and extinct languages used by the Andorian species. Andorians hailing from different regions of Andoria used different native tongues and naming conventions, although the government of the Andorian Empire favored Imperial Andorii (along with Federation Standard) as its lingua franca.

This explanation is given in the official Star Trek: Enterprise continuation novels for the contradiction between the canonically established name Thy'lek Shran and the Andorian naming conventions established in the post-Star Trek: Deep Space Nine novels. "Thy'lek Shran" is the Aenar translation of his name in his native culture, while "Hravishran th'Zoarhi" is his name in Imperial Andorii.

Established words and phrasesEdit


Imperial Andorii greeting. (Bait and Switch: "Two Sides of a Coin, Part I")


Parent of the thaan sex (analogous to "father"). (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine novels; Bait and Switch: "From Bajor to the Black, Part II")

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