Lieutenant Anara Rysyl was one of an increasing number of Deltans who oppose Starfleet's requirement for Deltans to either swear the Oath of Celibacy or take pheromone inhibitors as being archaic and discriminatory. She served as Operations Officer on the USS Sutherland from 2371 through 2376, eventually earning the rank of lieutenant commander. In 2376, she transferred to the Intrepid-class starship, USS Perseus where she served as first officer under the command of Captain Christopher Hobson. In 2381 she is promoted to captain and given command of the USS Rousseau. (Star Trek: Sutherland)

Early lifeEdit

Anara is part of a growing political movement on her home world which calls for the abolition of the Oath of Celibacy.

Starfleet AcademyEdit

While at Starfleet Academy, she was an acquaintance of the Tenarian, DeMara Deen, serving currently on the USS Eagle (The Star Eagle Adventures)

USS SutherlandEdit

Lieutenant Rysyl assisted Dr. Murkawa, providing an important empathic component to the doctor's forced bioelectric feedback process that led to the defeat of an alien entity that had been attacking shipping in the Bajor Sector on the Sutherland's shakedown cruise. She also served as aide to Federation Ambassador Ralph Offenhouse on his mission to the planet Ekos and, along with the Ambassador and Captain Shelby, was captured by Ekosian terrorists. Escaping along with the ambassador and Captain Shelby from their captors, she and the others were able to link up with rescue parties led by Commander Christopher Hobson and Lieutenant Manuele Atoa.


Lieutenant Rysyl has developed a close friendship with Dr. Denise Murakawa and is developing romantic feelings towards Commander Christopher Hobson. How those growing feelings will affect her attitudes regarding the Oath of Celibacy or the taking of inhibitor injections remains to be seen.

Hobbies and other talentsEdit

Lieutenant Rysyl has a deep appreciation for music and art--particularly Vulcan.

Memorable quotesEdit

"Beauty should never be hidden away."
— Lieutenant Rysyl referring to the Ionic chiton Dr. Murakawa (as well as to the socially shy doctor) wore to the formal dinner officially welcoming Ambassador Offenhouse to the Sutherland.

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