The USS Enterprise (NCC-74683) dedication plaque as it appears in this story

"Altered Consequences" is a story about the USS Shiloh, originally part of the Star Trek: Shiloh fan fiction website but now part of the Star Trek: Black Hawk fan fiction website. This story actually combines two stories, the original "Altered Consequences" and "Quantum Filament", and was presented and published as one story in Stellar Visions, Volume 3.

Taking place near the end of the Dominion War, the story opens with the Shiloh arriving at Starbase 2114 to allow Captain Higdon to present a plan to retake Omega Zeta V and Deep Space 3 from the Cardassians and the Dominion. During this Starfleet promotes Higdon to admiral:

"We can't have a captain in command of such an important mission, can we? Besides, this isn't a democracy - we are at war and we need to place you where you are needed most."
The Fleet Admiral of the United Federation of Planets Richard J. April

...with the proviso that Higdon will retain command of the Shiloh, which will serve as the flagship of the operation.

The story then switches to 2245 as the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701), under the command of Robert April, is rushing to a disaster signal from Omega Zeta V where a planetary catastrophe has happened and the planet is to be evacuated. Suddenly things go black as the Enterprise hits a quantum filament which affects the warp core of that ship differently. The story returns to the 23rd century where the timestream is greatly altered. There is no Dominion War and Captain Higdon as well as his crew are on the Intrepid-class starship USS Enterprise (NCC-74683), en route to Omega Zeta V for commemoration and memorial services for the 2245 disaster which led to the loss of 60 million lives on Omega Zeta V and the loss of one Federation starship - the Enterprise. There are also several inter-personal changes, the most glaring that Captain Higdon is not married to his first officer but to someone else on the crew.

Suddenly the Enterprise-1701 emerges from a time rift and almost collides with the Enterprise-74683. Enterprise-74683 mounts a rescue attempt then tries to send the Enterprise-1701 after Captain Higdon is suddenly endowed with memories from the "real" timeline. After the Enterprise-1701 is sent back, time resumes its shape, except Admiral Higdon still remembers the alternate timeline and learns of the consequences of his actions of sending the Enterprise back to complete its mission - the death of Higdon's "wife" from the other timeline.

This story in its combined form is the longest of the Shiloh stories written so far, with the exception of "Way of the Warriors", which is actually part of an RPG.

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