Centauri VII is a planet in the Alpha Centauri system. It was the homeworld of the Centaurians, and was also the site of a Federation colony.

Astronomical DataEdit

Location Edit

  • Alpha Quadrant
    • Sector 002
      • Alpha Centauri system

Name(s) Edit

  • Alpha Centauri VII
  • Alpha Centauri A VII
  • Centauri VII
  • Al Rigil VII
  • Kent

Moon(s) Edit

  • None

Further InformationEdit


Though much of their ancient history is lost in myth and legend, it is believed that Centaurian civilization actually originated on Earth. In response to "cultural contamination" from the Olympians and the Platonians, the Preservers transplanted a segment of Earth's Pan-Hellene culture to Alpha Centauri A VII. Old Centaurian legends tell of a time "when the stars changed."

Centauri VII was the homeworld of the artist, Taranullus. Original prints of his creation lithographs were prized and aged collectibles when observed by Spock in 2269 on planet Holberg 917G in the Omega system. (TOS: "Requiem for Methuselah")

Alternate continuitiesEdit

Over the Wall of SpaceEdit

The first Terran expedition to the Alpha Centauri system was aboard Bonaventure. It was crewed by Zefram Cochrane, Lily Sloane, Jeffrey Archer (pilot), Sarah Archer (medical officer), Dr. Libby Schulz and Jim Mahoney.

At least during this initial expedition, Humans found no indigenous sentient life.

A colony was founded here in 2070.

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