The crew tries to have a vacation.


After the recent events on Deep Space Five, the crew of the USS Pioneer have been given an extended shore leave. The crew go to Andres Rae. Tracy and Craig spend a romantic time in the luscious jungle city of Raechia. While the others spend their time enjoying the comforts of the city, Captain Kelsoe, Commander Burt, and Braxis decide to explore the ruins of Andres Rae.

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"Hello out there in wonderland. I hope you are enjoying yourselves... enjoying that last bit of peace you have left. You have no idea what awaits you. Alice has fallen into a rabbit hole and can’t find her way out. The universe will never be the same. As long as I live, there will never be peace."
Tyson Calok

"Mister Tyson Calok! That guy gives me the chills."
— Burt and what he thinks of Tyson Calok.


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