For the mirror universe counterpart, see Allen Clark (mirror).

Allen Clark was a Starfleet Captain in the mid-23rd century, commanding the USS Quasar (NCC-M06) and then the Zenith (NCC-1002). (Star Trek: Eagle, Star Trek: Echoes of Eternity)


Allan was born in the American midwest and joined Starfleet once of age. Clark served on many starships including being a first officer on a constitution class vessel. In 2264 he was promoted to captain of the USS Quasar (NCC-M06).  One of his friends Clause Elberg became is chief engineer one year later.

Clark 2
After Elberg’s promotion an accident happened which sent the Quasar through a worm hole into Klingon space. The ship was attacked but not destroyed; it was allowed to return to federation space intact.
Allen clark
He would stay at Clark’s side until 2268 when he would return to Germany to work on the Antyllus NCC-2071project while Clark would continue his command of the Quasar. (Star Trek: Eagle)

By 2270 Clark would step down as the Quasar's captain to take command of a scout vessel, the Zenith (NCC-1002). (Star Trek: Echoes of Eternity)