The Allegiance-class of Federation starships was developed in the late 24th century.

The original design is by Dak Phoenix. The modified design for Star Trek: Odyssey is by Phill Hogg and has differently shaped nacelles.

Notable shipsEdit

The lead ship of the class was the USS Allegiance (NCC-75300). The most famous ship was the USS Odyssey, which was was lost in the Andromeda galaxy in 2384. (Star Trek: Odyssey: "Illiad")

The Odyssey was one of the first vessels completed at the Ba'ku Regeneration Shipyards near Deep Space 12.


This class has the traditional saucer-shaped primary hull and cigar-shaped engineering hull and dual warp nacelles attached to the engineering hull by pylons.

The warp nacelles on the Odyssey model differ from the original design.

There are 32 decks (not counting non-habitable machinery areas).


Ships of this class typically have a crew of 450 (65 officers, 385 enlisted). Depending on missions, this can be expanded to 850. They do not typically have civilian families on board.

Its maximum evacuation capacity is 4500.


Ships of this class have a cruising speed of warp 6. Maximum speed is warp 9.6 (for 12 hours). Emergency speed is warp 9.885 (for a maximum of 10 minutes).

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