Aliz Bathory was the Alpha shift helmsman on board the USS Lexington (NCC-1709). (Star Trek: Lexington (United Trek))

Early lifeEdit

Born in Hungary, she received an antique medallion handed down to the oldest daughter in the family on her thirteenth birthday. The medallion, according to family tradition would protect her against something called the Dark One. Aliz believes that this is nothing more than a family superstition and wears the medallion as a memorial of her great-grandmother.

Educational yearsEdit

At age seven, Aliz was placed into a special school in Budapest by her parents after her potential talent in gymnastics was recognized by an elementary school teacher. While attending this school, Aliz underwent intensive training and coaching in gymnastics during her elementary school years. After elementary school, her academic and athletic performance led to her attending both the junior and senior divisions of the school. Following graduation, she applied for and was admitted into Starfleet Academy.

Starfleet AcademyEdit

Aliz graduated in the top ten percent of her class, gaining high marks for performance and use of initiative. While on the Academy gymnastics team, she earned several medals for her performance on the balance beam and floor exercises as well as in overall competition.

While at the Academy she was roommates with Jennifer Watley.

USS LexingtonEdit

Aliz was assigned to the USS Lexington straight out of the Academy.


Aliz died in 2336, just before her granddaughter's second birthday.

Family and personal lifeEdit

During her period of service under Commodore Robert Wesley on the USS Lexington, Ensign and later Lieutenant Bathory's feelings for her commanding officer developed gradually, over time. While always maintaining a proper relationship with her superior officer, Aliz slowly became more of a confidant to Wesley, eventually helping him through his divorce with his first wife, Virginia. Following her tour on the Lexington, with Admiral Wesley no longer her superior officer and no longer married, the feelings that both officers had for each other, but that had remained dormant, were finally allowed to grow, leading to their eventual marriage in 2273. Interestingly, Wesley's first wife, Virginia, never saw Aliz as "the other woman". Both women developed and maintained an relationship until Virginia's death. Her marriage with Wesley leads to three children: Michael, Elizabeth, and Anna.

Memorable quotesEdit

"You would have found some other way to have stopped it without killing the Enterprise, your friend, and its crew.” I’ve served with you for over three years, Sir. I know you...and I trust you and I..."
— Aliz speaking with Commodore Wesley about the M-5 computer after Wesley's bout with James Kirk (Square Circle)

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