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Alexis Crimson

Alexis Crimson was a special security operations officer on the ISS Arcadia, and the mirror universe counterpart of Alex Crimson. (Star Trek: New Empire)

Little is known about Crimson's background. The following content is from her biographical entry on the New Empire website:

Alexis Crimson is what some might call a "Nazi"--austere, rigid and ruthlessly efficient; a stickler for protocol who has sworn unyielding fealty to the Empire. It might be said that she has the warmth of a Vulcan--except most Vulcans are warmer by comparison. Crimson acts with complete detachment and lack of emotion. Her appearance on a scene, in her custom black uniform, hair pinned tight, expression like steel, is a harbinger of dark things to come. She doesn't drink or "sleep around" with the crew.
It is rumored that Crimson was trained by Cardassia's Obsidian Order; how or why she turned against the Alliance, if this is true, has yet to be revealed. Crimson is aptly named--"crimson" is her color, whether it's her lipstick... or the color of her victims' blood, running cold beneath black-gloved hands. She will use any tool necessary to accomplish a task (Romulan mind probes are among her favorites), and she always gets results. She helped to design the neuralizer.


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