Commander Alexei Kuznetsov was the first officer of the USS Lexington. He is often referred to as The Bear on the Lexington due both to his size and his gruff manner. A demanding taskmaster who expects nothing less than the best from himself and the crew, he frequently plays the 'bad cop' to Commodore Wesley's 'good cop'. (Star Trek: Lexington (United Trek))

Early lifeEdit

Born in Kaliningrad, Russia.

Starfleet AcademyEdit

Came in third in the Academy boxing tournament, losing to the future Captain Dodge of the USS Hood in the semi-finals, but winning in the bronze medal round.

Memorable quotesEdit

“Fire in the belly is good.” The Russian responded, adding sagely, “But so is a clear head.”

--Conversation with Commodore Wesley concerning Ensign Aliz Bathory

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