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Commodore Alexander Enwright (voiced by James Doohan in Star Trek: "The Ultimate Computer") was chief of starfleet's research and development team in the 2260's and the project lead of the ill-fated M-5 disaster. He was instrumental in the development of the Federation Class Dreadnought along with lead designer and engineer Captain Franz Joseph. He commanded Jupiter Station in the early 2270's.

Around Stardate 9347.9, Commodore Enwright was on his way to a conference with the First Federation at Deep Space 3 when the shuttlecraft Goddard from the USS Eagle was attacked by Elasi Pirates. He was delivered to the klingons and Commander Kor interrogated him using the Mind Sifter. He was rescued by a team of MACOs from the USS Saladin, but that team in turn had to be rescued after a terrible accident with a Klingon land mine killed several of them. The shuttlecraft Scimitar was dispatched from the Saladin to rescue Commodore Enwright. (See Star Trek "Eye of the Tempest")
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Commodore Alexander Enwright, commander of Jupiter Station and former project lead of Dr. Daystrom's M-5 project, aboard the shuttlecraft Scimitar in Star Trek: "Eye of the Tempest." (played by J. Scott Reese.)

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