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The Aldebaran system (or Alpha Tauri system) is a system of two pairs of binary companion stars located in the Aldebaran Sector of the Beta Quadrant, near the Alpha Quadrant border, approximately 65.1 lightyears from the Sol system. It contains at least 4 planets, at least 2 of which have been colonized.

Astronomical DataEdit

Aldebaran (α Tau / α Tauri / Alpha Tauri A) is the brightest star in the constellation Taurus and one of the brightest stars in Earth's night sky. Because of its location in the head of Taurus, it has historically been called "the Bull's Eye."

An Earth poet, George Sterling, called Aldebaran "the star for which all evening waits."

Alpha Tauri A is an orange giant while Alpha Tauri B is a red dwarf. Alpha Tauri B orbits the primary at a distance of 97.5 billion kilometers. A reflective trail of mineral and ice debris can be seen trailing behind Alpha Tauri B as it travels along its orbit.


  • Aldebaran I (Alpha Tauri I)
  • Aldebaran II (Alpha Tauri II)
  • Aldebaran III (Aldebaran Prime/Alpha Tauri III)
  • Aldebaran IV (Alpha Tauri IV)


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