The Albacore was a type of border cutter that saw service with Starfleet during the late-23rd and 24th centuries. (Star Trek: Tales of the USS Bluefin)

Twenty-eight vessels were built for the Starfleet Border Service between 2295 and 2310. They were designed for patrol, escort and interdiction duty. The ships are powered by two warp nacelles providing a top speed of warp 9.2 (following upgrades from 2240 to 2245). For decades, these ships were noted for having the highest power to mass ratio (under impulse power)of any Starfleet vessel until the introduction of the Defiant-class. This makes the ship both a joy and a challenge for talented helmsmen.

Besides their powerful engines the ships are fitted each with four heavy graviton emitters (tractor beams) enabling them to tow vessels of much greater size and mass. They were armed with three pairs of Type VIII phaser turrets on the primary hull. Torpedo launchers were located fore and aft. A notable feature of this class ship is its large, tapered engineering hull relative to the compact saucer section. This allows for a large landing bay capable of handling Type 11 shuttlecraft, Super Stallion support craft, and Danube-class runabouts.

The ship's compact size means small quarters and narrow corridors for the crew. Most ships in the class carry a complement of 120.

As of 2376, there are only eight Albacores still in service with the others having been retired, destroyed or lost. Seven cutters have been upgraded with replicators and holodecks, the USS Bluefin was an exception in this regard, having only received the a mandated Emergency Medical Hologram upgrade to its medical facilities.

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