Commander Alasdair Wallace is Chief Science Officer and Second Officer aboard the USS Dauntless. (Star Trek: Dauntless)

Early life and careerEdit

Alasdair Wallace was born in 2347 in the ancient city of Edinburgh near the Scottish Highlands. He was raised by his mother with a deep sense of pride in his Scottish heritage, which extended back as far as Earth's 13th century.

Wallace traveled extensively during his youth, accompanying his exobiologist mother and working as her assistant, occasionally assigned to missions aboard the starship on which Wallace's Starfleet officer father served. It was during his youth and early adulthood that he became well versed in the fields of exobiology and Starfleet protocol. He finally entered Starfleet Academy at the age of 27 in 2370, rather late in life compared to most.

Starfleet careerEdit

Ensign Alasdair Wallace graduated the Academy sciences college in 2374, receiving an assignment as a science officer aboard the Intrepid-class starship USS Dauntless (NCC-74658) while the vessel was refueling at starbase Deep Space 9.

Aboard USS DauntlessEdit

Wallace was still a newly assigned junior officer when the Dauntless-74658 was destroyed during a classified incident. With the majority of the surviving crew, Wallace was reassigned to the new Sovereign-class USS Dauntless (NCC-75310). He was promoted to full Lieutenant in late 2376 and Lieutenant Commander in early 2379. During the period while Captain Virgil Kane was the Commanding Officer of the Dauntless, Wallace completed his bridge officer certification.

Lt Commander Wallace was still serving as a science officer aboard the Dauntless when Captain Peter J. Koester was reassigned as the starship's commanding officer in 2380. Upon Captain Koester's return, Wallace was assigned as Assistant Chief Science Officer. He completed his command officer certification in 2381, while a class of Academy midshipmen were aboard Dauntless for their Training Cruise. He was appointed as Chief Science Officer in January 2383, shortly after the Dauntless entered Antares Shipyard, replacing Lt Commander Jorruss who was killed during the Zaqri terrorist attack on the Dauntless the previous month. Two months later Wallace was promoted to full Commander and assigned as the starship's Second Officer upon the transfer of Commander Kevin Fry to the position of Executive Officer aboard the USS LaSalle.

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