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A dark-haired woman in her forties, Alana is an experienced and skilful physician. She has headed the Star's End medical team since the colony's founding, and is expected to do so until she ultimately retires. Alana is also a part of a group of colonists who believe in severing ties with the Federation and claiming independence for Star's End. Alana has quite a temper, and is not in the least afraid to speak her mind, particularly about political issues. She lives on Star's End with her husband, Bram (age 49) and daughter, Elyssa (age 7). (Star Trek: Star's End)

Alana is mentally sharp, preferring to think through things before acting (she could be considered Vulcan in her critical and logical reasoning). She has a strong sense of loyalty to those she deems worthy of her respect (only a few on Star's End fit the bill) and is extremely passionate about her work and her family.

In 2410 Alana found herself still clashing with members of the settlement, notably her class with Rodriguez for teaching students about jarts and her opposition to Taner's plan of killing aliens who were poisoning Lake Alice. Alana was sent on a mission to the Star's End to investigate three deaths before being interrogated herself for being an accomplice. Charges were ultimately dropped.

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