Al-Jamal (Arabic for "the beauty") was initially an Earth colony, then a Federation one, located just outside the edge of the coreward side of Sector 001 (approximately 50 light-years from the Sol system). Its residents were predominantly Muslim and followed many traditions from the Qur'an. (Star Trek: Laughing Sawfish)

At least one account has Al-Jamal as being only 20 light-years from Earth. (Dominion War Timeline: "The Ramadan Offensive: Ash-Sham Sector - August-September 2375")

The colony was founded by Muslims who left Earth in the late 22nd century. When the Federation's borders reached the colony, they offered to help the planet by establishing a trade center. Al-Jamal did not respond for four years, as some believed it was a way of the Federation's seizing their world. However, they later agreed and within twenty years, Al-Jamal became one of the most advanced human colonies. The planet maintained close relations with Earth and served as a hub for several important trade routes.

A major city of the colony was New Mecca.

Al-Jamal had three moons, one of which -- Eretz Tov -- was colonized by Jews from Earth. ("First Place")

Starbase 17 was in orbit of Al-Jamal. It served as a staging area for operations in the Kalandra sector, and in addition was a primary target of Dominion forces during their Muslim Campaign.

In the 24th century, many inhabitants of Yogyakarta Baru emigrated to Al-Jamal. (Star Trek: Shadowstar Station Timeline)

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