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The Aeroshuttle was a small shuttle that was attached to the ventral side of the Intrepid-class starships serving a purpose similar to that of a captain's yacht.

The Aeroshuttle was primarily designed for atmospheric operations and featured a streamlined design with sturdy wings. It was also capable of interstellar travel with a maximum speed of warp 5. It was equipped with micro-torpedo launchers as well as a phaser arrays for defense. (Starship Spotter)

In The Mysterious Case of Neelix's Lungs, Captain Veronica Stadi had the Voyager's Aeroshuttle retrofitted with advanced tetryon weaponry salvaged from the Caretaker's array. The upgraded Aeroshuttle was used to great effect by Commander Tuvok in combat against the Kazon-Nistrim. (MCNL: "Revelations")

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