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Aeon Sith was the flight controller for the USS Intrepid in 2381. (Star Trek: Distant Horizon)


Aeon was born on the distant Benecia Colony, where his family owned a holographic trades business. When he was young, he came across a program that taught various forms of martial arts. On it, Aeon befriended its teacher, beginning to learn not only about the art but also about life.

As the years went on, Aeon began to grow away from the holographic trades business and yearn more towards space travel. He kept his Training Hall program as he studied successfully through Starfleet Academy.

Aeon Sith graduated with a piloting degree. His first posting was at Utopia Planitia where he assisted in ship reorganization and test flights. After he put in a request to be on a starship, he was transferred to the USS Intrepid.

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