For the mirror universe counterpart, see Aeon Ryku (mirror).

Aeon Ryku served as chief engineer aboard the USS Columbia in 2382. (Star Trek: Starbase 001)


Ryku was born on Mars where he grew up spending most of his time at Utopia Planitia. There he went from station to station almost daily, making friends with the older engineers and specialists. It wasn't until the Dominon War that he decided to join Starfleet in hopes of making a difference.

Unfortunately, when he finally graduated from Starfleet, the war had ended. Ryku was placed on the USS Pollux as an engineer, where he remained disappointed for never having the chance to help in the war. Then he met his first serious girlfriend, an Ensign Alexis. They spent a good amount of their free time together, until Alexis was transferred to the USS Vitality. Ryku regretted losing her for a long time, but his feelings were distracted when he was promoted to Chief Engineer on the USS Columbia.

Personality ProfileEdit

Pretty easy going, with a problem-solving mind. Ryku enjoys holodeck sparring programs in his spare time.


  • Physical Description: Average build, with some strength from physical training.
  • Languages: English, some Klingon


Service RecordEdit