Adrian Jacobs was the commanding officer of the USS Discovery after its commissioning in 2379. (Star Trek: The Expedition)


Adrian Jacobs was born in Seattle, Earth on 19 October 2340 to Commander Ian Jacobs and Mary Jacobs.

Captain Erik Pressman recommended Jacobs to Starfleet Academy.

Jacobs's first assignment was as flight controller aboard the USS Saratoga until 2366, when he was promoted to second officer of the USS Malinche. He met Stovik at a New Year's Eve party on Earth, and the two started to date when they met again on the USS Fremont.

During a mission to stop Michael Eddington, Jacobs's best friend and the Malinche's first officer, Commander Timothy Archer, was paralyzed during a Maquis attack. (Star Trek: Tales of Discovery: "Relationships of Convenience") After Archer was unable to continue as first officer, Jacobs was offered the position.

Jacobs became the Fremont's first officer sometime after 2373. It was during his time aboard the Fremont that he and Stovik were married in 2383.

He took command of the Discovery in 2379.

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