The Administrator was a computer construct designed by members of the Lok Cooperative to run the Sanctuary Outpost in the Secundus Galaxy. (Star Trek: New Horizons)

In 2380, Sanctuary Outpost came across the USS Horizon (NCC-91901), which had recently received severe damage from a battle with an Avkon Conglomeration hive ship. The Administrator contacted the Horizon and initiated negotiation with Commander Jack Keller to repair the ship and treat his injured crew. For payment all the Administrator requested was cultural knowledge. The Administrator instructed the injured crew into the station's medical facility, where Sanctuary medical system revived Lt. Commander Zachary Beltram from his coma. Meanwhile, onboard the Horizon, the Administrator had to removed Lieutenant Carmen Gomez and Lt. Colonel James Morgan from engineering and placed them in confinement aboard Sanctuary Outpost because they violated "subsection twelve of the Lok Cooperative Bylaws." It was there, that the Administrator revealed to Lt. Gomez that it was a computer construct. ("Sanctuary")

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