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"Across the Bridge Part 1" was the fourth episode of the Star Trek: Artemis reboot as a Second Life roleplay group.


In 2386, the USS Artemis is sent to reseach a subspace anomoly that has appeared near Starbase 128. Upon arrival they start scanning the vortex and receive a distress signal from inside, which they decide to go in to lend assistance. Inside the vortex, the Artemis loses power to weapons and the engines thanks to an electro-magnetic field. The vortex leads to the alternate universe and was opened by the Terran Rebels, wanting assistance against the Klingon/Romulan Alliance. The crew gets a shock when the leader of this group of Rebels introduces himself as Captain Bruce Dashuria.

Guest starsEdit

  • Bruce Dashuria

Notable momentsEdit

  • This episode was the first part in the Artemis Mirror Universe trilogy.

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