Aaron Prentice (service number SC 870-272) was the commander of Starfleet forces assigned to the Charybdis sector. (Star Trek: Intrepid)

Early life and careerEdit

Aaron Prentice was born on Earth in 2341 (Terran calendar).

Family and personal lifeEdit

A scientist first, and a military man second, Prentice made a point of continuing to wear science division colors. He was promoted to commodore specifically for the purpose of his current assignment, and eagerly anticipated the opportunity to explore the mysteries of the Charybdis sector.

At some point between Heavy Lies the Crown and Where There's a Sea, Prentice was promoted to rear admiral and wore command division colors.


Prentice was Daniel Hunter's commanding officer aboard the USS Nokoni, and the two remained good friends.


Background informationEdit

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