F. Sigmund Mead, "A Summary of the Physiological Roots of Andorian Culture" (Journal of Xenoanthropology, June 2341), edited by Leslie Fish, is a short article on Andorian culture first published in Sehlat's Roar #2, a 1970s fanzine published by Randy Ash, illustrated with line art and quotations from poems and songs.

Table of contentsEdit

  • General description
  • Coloration and its effects
  • Significance of the antennae
  • Cultural effects of diet
  • Complexity of the reproductive mechanism
  • Cultural effects of the reproductive process
  • Social effects of Andorian fertility
  • Cultural effects of the clan-centered social structure
  • Social checks on aggression
  • The effects of space travel and Federation membership

Differences from canonEdit

  • Andorian women have six breasts.
  • Andorians are telepathic through their antennae.
  • The Andorian homeworld is not the ice ball seen in Star Trek: Enterprise.
  • Andorians are androgynous until they fall in love, at which point they change physically and cannot fall in love again.

Differences from DS9 relaunchEdit

  • This article describes Andorians as having two sexes, but each sex has two roles during reproduction, and can spend time as a individual of neuter gender.
  • The biggest social population consequence they face is overpopulation.
With a little ingenuity and creative license one can interpret the four-gendered society in the DS9 relaunch as a different Andorian culture that built different rituals around the same biological facts.

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