A rescue team from the Independence has to travel sixty million years into the distant past to save a group of time-travelling adventurers from deadly prehistoric predators in a hostile climate!

Memorable quotesEdit

"We grew complacent about ourselves. We tried being affirmative on the Cardassian problem, and that started an uprising with the Maquis. When became cautious to the point of paranoia, martial law was declared on Earth for the first time in centuries, and then Starfleet tried to overthrow the Federation government. And that happened because we encountered a new power from the Gamma Quadrant, and we decided to ignore their warnings, which led to the Dominion War."
"Captain, surely you don't mean that we were responsible for what happened..."
"The warnings we received from the Founders to stay out of the Gamma Quadrant was unequivocal, non? What did we do? We continued to send ships into their territory on meaningless star charting and research missions. We allowed nonessential traffic to continue passage through the Gamma quadrant wormhole. We even built a subspace relay on their end of the wormhole with the Cardassians. Is it any wonder the Founders reacted as they did?"
- Captain Breawyn Lem and Cadet Bayushi Chisato, "Alternate Points of View"


Sovereign-class; Starship Independence

Background informationEdit

  • This episode was our Jurassic Park adventure, sending an Away Team into the distant past to retrieve a group of lost time-travellers.

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