"A Rough Start" was the second episode of the Star Trek: Artemis reboot as a Second Life roleplay group.


In 2386, the USS Artemis is in the Beta Quadrant and is in battle with a Kreon attack ship. The scene opens with the red alert klaxon sounding. Tactical reports the shields are down to 20%. On the Viewscreen, the Kreon attack ship is firing at the Artemis. Captain Bruce Dashuria is dead and the Executive Officer, Lieutenant Commander Joran Tenar takes over and eventually the Kreon ship is disabled from the inside by the Marines. The Kreon survivors are beamed to the brig. Once everything is repaired, the Artemis tractors the Kreon attack ship and takes it back to the nearest starbase.

Guest starsEdit

  • None

Notable momentsEdit

  • This episode marked the first appearance of Azazel Warren, the Chief Tactical Officer and Kono, the Chief Engineer.

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