"A Problem of Titan Proportions" is the fourth episode of the Star Trek: Valkyrie audio series.


The Valkyrie proceeds to a rendezvous near the Neutral Zone under complete communications blackout. After an important passenger and his aide are transported to another ship it then explodes with the apparent loss of all hands. The situation is uncovered as a plot by a major enemy of the Federation to steal a starship and its technology.

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"The President is a busy man Captain!"
— Mr. Locke
"War is how borders are defined Captain. The Neutral Zone was defined over a century ago, if war comes it will seal the destiny of the quadrant for another century."
— Commander Re'Tok


Andor; Constitution class; Earth; Earth-Romulan War; Excelsior class; Huan; President of the Federation; Romulan Neutral Zone; USS Titan (NCC-2014); USS Valkyrie (NCC-2590); Vulcan

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