A Kind of Blue is a short story by the pseudonymous jespah.

The story is told from the perspective of Lili O'Day, prior to her marriage to Douglas Jay Hayes Beckett.

In January of 2158, Lili wakes up feeling awful. Taking a test, she determines that she is pregnant. She drops the tester on the floor and Doug kneels down to pick it up. Realizing he is already on one knee, he proposes, but she's too overwhelmed with nausea to do more than quickly say yes.

Lili is soon undergoing surgery in order to undo a rearrangement of her uterine blood vessels, known as the O'Day Reversal, which she had undergone in order to be able to have sexual relations with Doug, as he is from the Mirror universe and their biologies are not perfectly compatible. However, in order to permit proper fetal development, the procedure must be temporarily reversed.

On February 14, they marry, in a Calafan ceremony, with her business partner, Treve, and her obstetrician, Doctor Miva, as witnesses.

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