"A Future That Many Will Never See" (or simply Unofficial Literary Challenge #16) was the sixteenth edition of the Star Trek Online Unofficial Literary Challenge, hosted on the Arc Forums. It was the third challenge of Star Trek Online's Season 10.5, for the month of October 2015.

Prompt #1: Aftermath Edit

"Aftermath" was proposed by Worffan101.

It's been a while. Whether a five-year mission or an apocalyptic battle/war/other conflict, your crew just finished it successfully. Your ship is recalled to your faction's capital to be refit, repaired, and otherwise kept up, and your crew is being split up for well-earned leave with their families.
How do you handle it? Peeling potatoes in a Cajun restaurant in New Orleans? Fighting your jerk brother in a vineyard in France? Spending time with your significant other? 118,000,000 rounds of Call of Duty 215?
Inspired by the TNG episode "Family". Be daring.

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Prompt #2: In SessionEdit

"In Session" was proposed by forum user ambassadormolari.

The weight of command carries a heavy burden on the soul--men and women have died under your command, and every order you make affects the lives and safety of all who serve under you. Given the numerous threats to known space, almost every officer serving in the Federation/KDF/Republic has been exposed to the horrors of war in one way or another. Your captain has been scheduled for a session with your ship's counselor. What do your captain and counselor talk about?

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Prompt #3: The Obvious WeaknessEdit

"The Obvious Weakness" was proposed by forum user red01999.

Warp field physics makes most ships to known Alpha and Beta Quadrant races extend their warp nacelles. This carries a number of advantages such as efficiency and speed - and disadvantages such as battle damage. In a harrowing battle with the Borg you barely survived, one or more of your ship's nacelles were sheared off, rendering warp drive inoperative and damaging power systems throughout your ship. Omega Force reinforcements will arrive in 48 hours... and Borg reinforcements will arrive in 24. Does your crew try to effect repairs? If so, how? If not, how does your crew prepare for the battle ahead with a badly crippled ship?

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