"A Ferengi Rule" (or "Create a Rule of Acquisition", or "Create a Ferengi Rule of Acquisition for your Captain") was the first clips episode of Star Trek: Phoenix-X and the first clips episode of the fourth season. It collected quick one-liners in three-parts from Oroku Seifer, Menchez and Aeris.


The Captain's the USS Phoenix-X, IKS B'Cnah and USS Zephyra run off their own brand of Rules of Acquisition.

Posting guideEdit

Part Posted Prod. Code Synopsis
A Ferengi Rule, Part I Jun 29 2014 PNX127_P001NA Seifer demonstrates his goto for difficult situations.
A Ferengi Rule, Part II Jun 12 2015 PNX127_P001NB Menchez has an encounter with food.
A Ferengi Rule, Part III Jun 13 2015 PNX127_P001NC Aeris stops toying around.

Background informationEdit

  • Only the first Part was posted on the Star Trek Online Forums, later migrated to become the Arc Forums.

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