This page is a list of appearances of the number 47 in Star Trek fanon.

RIS BouteinaEdit

Star Trek: False VacuumEdit

Starship FarragutEdit

  • "The Captaincy"
    • Captain Carter's authorisation code is 4735 Gamma.

Star Trek: Lambda PazEdit

Star Trek: PendragonEdit

  • Captain Sinclair was born on stardate 18474.9

Star Trek: Phoenix-XEdit

Season 3Edit

  • "The 47's"
    • The torpedo frequency is stuck at 47.
    • All communications are redirected to channel 47-Beta.
    • The helm's Y axis rotation favours the angle 47 degrees.
    • The EMH does not stop mixing medicines with 47 elements.
    • The genetic resequencer alters the 47th of every genetic alteration of Nathan's genes. It then adds a 47th chromosome turning him into a Cardassian.
    • The replicators dispense only food supplement 47 - Klingon gagh.
    • Holoprogrammes begin at chapter 47.
    • The Transporters on each Deck are only able to dematerialize 47% of a person's body.
    • The Transwarp drive calculations are corrupted by the number 47.
    • The cloaking device is also corrupted by the number 47 and so random areas of the ship dissapear and reappear.
    • Asteroid 47-Beta is hit by a torpedo.
    • The J3 Torpedo is renamed to the J-47 torpedo.
    • Shields would only raise to 47%
    • Starbase 55 is renamed to Starbase 47.

Star Trek: The Stoneship FilesEdit

Tax Crunch

USS BaldwinEdit

The registry number of auxiliary craft Neosho is NCC-74747.

Star Trek: Full Speed AheadEdit

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