2746 2747 2748 2749 2750 2751 2752

(stardates 426000-426999)

2710s 2720s 2730s 2740s 2750s 2760s 2770s
27th century - 28th century - 29th century



  • The USS Vitality and Starfleet Fighter ships attempt to stop an Alliance invasion of Valakis. The Alliance intent was to make human slaves of the humans that lived on the planet. The fighters would accidentally cause an Alliance vessel to crash into Thivili city, killing many more than necessary. Lieutenant Sith, one of the fighter pilots, would have a difficult time living this tragedy down for the rest of his life - as it would contribute to his hatred for the Alliance. This event would be known as the Valakis Take Over. (Star Trek: 001: "When It Rains...")



Assignments and promotionsEdit

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