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22nd century - 23rd century - 24th century

Events Edit

In 2273, then, the newly refitted Hannibal is once again deployed on its new five-year mission, this time she is assigned to the Star Fleet Transportation Command, acting as fleet convoy duty.

The USS Hannibal NCC-512 (Star Trek: Daystrom's Doomsday) the Hannibal and its crew meets a truly warped mind in the form of the now shell of a man known as Dr. Richard Daystrom who is still bitter about the his M-5 Multitronic device's failure and now is bent on not only on the down fall of Star Fleet But any star ship that comes anywhere near the planet he has taken control of which is disrupting Star Fleet and Federation trade. He is able to do this through his new M-7 unit created from the that planet's mysterious past but the device has now over taken him which has driven him to madness and Captain Knight and the Hannibal crew must fight to stop him before it's too late.

Births Edit

Deaths Edit

Assignments and promotions Edit

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