The 2003 UB13 system was one of the stops in the RIS Bouteina's journey. It contained 11 planets, one of which was inhabited, Simpson's Planet (also known as 2003 UB13-III). It was a binary system, a class G star who was the main source of light and also had a white dwarf. The white dwarf that went nova was the single largest cause of subspace turbulence in the galaxy. (RIS Bouteina: "What about some D'oh!")



  • 2003 UB13-I
  • 2003 UB13-II
  • 2003 UB13-III (Simpson's Planet)
  • 2003 UB13-IV
  • 2003 UB13-V
  • 2003 UB13-VI
  • 2003 UB13-VII
  • 2003 UB13-VIII
  • 2003 UB13-IX
  • 2003 UB13-X (dwarf)
  • 2003 UB13-XI (dwarf)

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