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2,9,5,12,5,6,5,12,4 (planet)

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2,9,5,12,5,6,5,12,4 is a planet located near the edge of the galaxy.

It was used by Majestic 12 as a location for an immense database of stored knowledge. Majestic 12 managed to keep the location and existence of the planet a secret from the rest of the galaxy. However at one point a message was transmitted throughout the communication networks of the Alpha Quadrant that simply stated, "2,9,5,12,5,6,5,12,4 does not exist".

Nineteen years after this strange event two news reporters would stumble across information on the existence of the planet. With the location and existence of this planet no longer a secret Majestic 12 destroyed the vast database located on the planet. (Dimensional Prophecy of Zohar: "Special Layer: Freedom?")


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