The 1356th Tactical Fighter Wing was a Federation Starfleet tactical fighter wing assigned to Shadowstar Station in the late 23rd and early 24th centuries.

In 2298, the 1356th was composed of five squadrons of attack fighters:

  • Chartreuse Squadron - established 2289 - seven Wasp-class light fighters - Lieutenant Commander Diana Lewis, squadron leader, 2289-?, Lt. Cmdr. Kulwant Mahdee Singh, squadron leader, ?-
  • Ecru Squadron - established 2291 - five Hornet-class fighters - Lt. Cmdr. David Paris, Jr., squadron leader, 2291-
  • Terracotta Squadron - established 2294 - seven Wasp-class light fighters - Lt. Cmdr. N'sssit, squadron leader, 2294-
  • Turquoise Squadron - established 2294 - five Hornet-class fighters - Lt. Cmdr. Sarah Delacroix, squadron leader, 2294-2298
  • Crimson Squadron - established 2295 - 12 Yellowjacket-class heavy fighters

Captain Alcibiades Boone was wing commander until 2296, when he was succeded by Captain Thom D'gron. (Star Trek: Shadowstar Station: Pomp and Circumstantial Evidence)

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