When a bomb is found on the Lapon some must make the ultimate sacrifice so that others may live.



Captain Jonathan Hunt awakens floating in a damaged EV suit, intermittently hearing rescue hails from the Starfleet Space Guard cutter USSGC Hatteras. He is then rescued by a Rescueman from the cutter.

Twelve Hours EarlierEdit

While preparing for battle against a rogue starship A'Cillia discovers a bomb in a jefferies tube. While attempting to disarm it she triggers a booby trap, and disappears, apparently vaporised. shaken by the loss of his lover, Hunt sets a course for Earth, where they can more safely abandon the ship.
When the USS Lapon reaches Sector 001, Hunt gives the order to abandon ship, he and Commander Martin Madden are the last two officers left aboard, and Hunt, still reeling from his recent loss, is determined to go down with his ship, but Madden has other plans, and incapacitates Hunt, putting him in an EV suit, and shoving him out an airlock.
At this point in the episode, the story loops to the prologue, and Hunt is rescued, then beamed to the Cutters sickbay, where he finds that Madden was not rescued.

Log EntriesEdit

  • Captain’s Log; Star Date 56970.1, As we neared the last leg of our patrol route, we stumbled upon the Cerberus, the stolen Intrepid class starship we found, err, supporting Section 31 operations. She was making best speed for the Romulan Neutral Zone. I have ordered a course change to pursue.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"“11 hours or so sir, with this type of detonator it is difficult to be sure, although, what I can tell you is that this will not be a messy explosion, it is calibrated precisely to completely vaporize the Lapon and not damage anything else, you could place an Betazoid Orchid fifty meters off the port bow and it won’t even wilt.”"

-Lieutenant Commander Chavin describing the grim nature of the bomb.


  • This episode's title comes from the motto of the US Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer, as portrayed in the recent film, The Guardian.
  • This episode marks the last appearance of the early series' titular ship, which is destroyed in the climax.
  • In addition it marks the departure of Martin Madden and A'Cillia as main characters, although they will frequently reappear later in the series.
  • This episode is also the final one to be written under the title Star Trek: Lapon

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